Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

Music and your child

Musical activities make communication fun and can assist in your child’s early language development. Adding music to words aids memory. Children are much more likely to retain words learnt through song, rhythm or chant.

Babies quickly learn to recognise rhymes and enjoy being able to join in. Older children gain confidence through knowing rhymes and being able participate.

Children love a variety of music. It can comfort, entertain and divert. The good news is that your child will never know if you are off key or tone deaf!

Try to include some of these during your day:

Baby Booktime CD collection

Listen to samples of songs from the Baby Booktime CD below. Copies of this CD can be ordered here.

Song sample 1
Song sample 2

Developing reading skills

Don’t overlook opportunities when you’re out with your children. Reading signs and identifying letters and words, wherever they occur, is all part of their learning experience.