Each peach pear plum

by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

A perfect read aloud for young children with its strong rhyme and rhythm. Children will enjoy finding characters from traditional stories hidden in the pictures.

Shhhh! Little mouse

by Pamela Allen

Will the little grey mouse find something to eat, or will he wake the sleeping cat? A delightful picture book, by award-winning Australian author Pamela Allen.

Fancy that

by Pamela Allen

Enjoy the sounds from the chicken coop as you read this book with your child.

Who sank the boat?

by Pamela Allen

Which animal will sink the boat? Will it be the cow, the sheep or the little mouse? Includes plenty of repetition to involve your child.

A to Z

by Sandra Boynton

Part of a series of humorous books by this author, each with whimsical animal characters.

My dad

by Anthony Browne

An affectionate look at fatherhood from a child's point of view.

The very hungry caterpillar

by Eric Carle

Young children love to follow The Very Hungry Caterpillar as he munches and crunches his way through a huge variety of foods from a juicy apple and sweet pear to a sticky cake and spicy sausage! A true classic.

Do you want to be my friend?

by Eric Carle

Do you want to be my friend? asks a little mouse of a horse, a peacock, an alligator and others in this classic and charming story.

What shall we do blue kangaroo?

by Emma Clark

Lily and Blue Kangaroo are the best of friends and when Lily doesn't know what to do next she often asks, "What shall we do, Blue Kangaroo?" But Blue Kangaroo doesn't always know, so he says nothing.

Good night me

by Andrew Daddo

Perfect for a fun and relaxing bedtime read. You may want to copy the orangutan as he says good night to each part of his body.

Too many pears

by Jackie French

The cow has eaten too many pears! A delightful read-together book with plenty humour in the text and the pictures.

Cuddle time

by Libby Gleeson

Two small children wake early and crawl to their parents’ room. Enjoy their antics as imagine their parents as monsters.

Five little monkeys: over 50 action and counting rhymes

by Zita Newcome

Includes all your child’s favourites; featuring step-by-step illustrations demonstrating the actions.

Green eggs and ham

by Dr Seuss

Now is the time to introduce your child to Dr Seuss with the character of Sam-I-am. Children enjoy the humour, rhythm and rhyme of these stories.

Kisses for daddy

by Frances Watts

When a grumbly Baby Bear refuses to give his father a goodnight kiss, their bedtime routine is transformed into a delightful game, as daddy imagines all the different sorts kisses that other animal babies give their dads.

Piglet and Mama

by Margaret Wild

Piglet has lost her mama and everyone wants to help. An award winning book by Australian author Margaret Wild.